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Basic Information For Students

Yes. Onlinetrafficeducation.com meets all Courts and DMV Traffic School Requirements. The good news is that it won’t take you too long to finish the course unlike a walk-in school. There are no time requirements, you can login and out anytime, and the course is available to begin anytime.

Is the Course done completely online
Yes, Every course we offer is taken completely online, even your final exam is taken online.

Do I have to have something notarized?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! The courts and DMV no longer require anything to be notarized. You can complete traffic school completely online with no delay!

What is the price for the program?
Click on Sign Up to find out. There’s absolutely no obligation. Today’s Special Price is listed on the home page as well. So you can check it out anytime.

What if I don’t know or forgot my username?
A username is like a password. Our site issues it to you when you create an account. It consists of your first OR last name, then 7 numbers. There are no spaces or dashes. If you don’t know it we can email it to you.
Step 1: Click on “Student Login” located top right of every page.
Step 2: Click “Forgot Username”
Step 3: Enter your email in the box. If we get a match it’ll be sent right away.

*If you don’t get the email or experience a problem don’t panic, email us: [email protected]  We’ll get back to you in a timely manner.

What is the deadline for processing?
A traffic school completion certificate must have a date stamp on it. So we need you to finish your course BEFORE midnight the day your traffic school certificate is due. Once the clock strikes 12:01 it’s too late, unless you got an extension. Call your court to ask for one. Remember to be nice, it can only help.

Where will the certificate be sent?

it depend on which state you received your traffic violation. Some state we send the traffic course completion electronically and some by fax or mail. For more additional information regard your certificate of completion please give us a call 888-308-9005 

How long does it take to complete the course?
Time for completion varies from user to user. As a student you may complete the program as slowly or as quickly as you would like.

What if I don’t have enough time to complete traffic school?
In most cases the court will grant you an extension. You will want to contact your court directly to inquire about this matter. If you are granted an extension, Please update this information to reflect an accurate date.

What if I am under the age of 18?
Every court is different regarding minors. We suggest you contact your court check their requirements before using our program.

Are my quizzes and final exam scored immediately?
Yes, all quizzes and the final exam are graded online real time for you.

How many sections (chapters) and quizzes are there in the program?
We have 11 chapters with a Final Exam. The DMV has standardized all traffic schools to a minimum word count. So whether we make it 1 chapter or 11, the same amount of time will be spent taking the course. We pride ourselves on making it better and more educational than the other guys.

Who submits the certificate to the court?
All certificates are submitted electronically to the court and DMV. This saves you time and money and guarantees nothing will be lost in shipping or the mail. This is a huge benefit!

Can I login and out as many times as I would like?
Yes. Come and Go as you please. You won’t lose progress by leaving the site.

I paid for traffic school at the court window, why do I have to pay you, too?
All courts collect an “administration fee” at the window. This does not pay for traffic school. This only makes you eligible to attend a traffic school. You will have to pay any traffic school you attend. Remember our Guarantee. You may view it from our home page. There is no risk and no worry that there is a lower priced traffic school.

What if I find a typo in the questions or text?
We apologize for any typos or incorrect grammar, however we do make mistakes. Please email us from our home page and subject your email “I found a typo”. Thank you for helping us better our program for future users.

Does Onlinetrafficeducation.com meet the California 8-Hour Traffic School Program Requirements?
Yes. Onlinetrafficeducation.com meets all California Courts and DMV Traffic School Requirements for the 8-Hour Program.

Does Onlinetrafficeducation.com offer a 12-Hour Traffic School Program?
No, our program is only valid for the California 8 Hours, and Nevada 5 hours Traffic School Program Requirement.

Is Onlinetrafficeducation.com Secure?
Yes. We provide a completely secure credit card page and all information gathered is not shared with any other party. https will show on all secure URL’s for your convenience. A lock will also appear at the bottom of your browser.

Do I need to pay up front for the program or may I pay later?
Try it for FREE. You may pay upon sign up or you can wait until later to pay. If you opt to pay later we will prompt you for payment at some point during the program

What if I find a lower price like the home page claims?
If you find a lower price you can call 888 308-9005 or email [email protected] We’ll match it.


How will I know if my payment has been received and processed?
If you pay with a credit or debit card it is processed in real time, If you pay by check or money order, you will be notified via email when we receive your payment. You may begin the course without submitting payment and we will prompt you when it’s due in order to continue . “Completed” will display next to payment when it is received.

How many courses are offered by Onlinetrafficeducation.com?
Onlinetrafficeducation.com offers the following: Traffic School Online, Traffic School, Defensive Driving Courses, Traffic Ticket masked by DMV, Traffic Safety School, Driver Improvement, and State licensed Traffic School

What do I do if I don’t know the answers to the security questions I provided during sign up?
Before each section some courts require that you properly identify yourself with a series of responses to questions we gathered during sign up. While you are logged in you may be asked these questions from time to time. If you don’t know the answers to the questions you can enter an email address and drivers license number. If these two pieces of information match we will email you the answers you provided during sign up.

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